Staying Cool Solutions with Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect

July 22, 2016

Home Decor Window Air Conditioning Unit

We have been loving our new home, working on home improvement projects, and settling in over the last little bit. It’s funny when you move to a new place, you have to figure out the house, and which room is the hottest or coldest. Which one has a draft, or gets too much light.

Staying Comfortable at Home with a Smart Home Air Conditioning Unit

Our master bedroom probably gets the most evening sun out of all the rooms in the house. With several windows facing west in the dead of the Utah summer heat, it gets blasted every evening just in time to wind down in our room for the night.

Mother and Son Reading together

The master bedroom ends up being significantly hotter than the rest of the house for a lot of the day, and turning down our air for the entire rest of the house would cause our electric bill to soar.

Smart Home Air Conditioning Unit

Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Window Air Conditioner Unit

A great solution to our problem has been our new Frigidaire Gallery® Cool Connect Air Conditioner. It is a small Air Conditioning unit you can easily install into any room! The best part is that you can control it through an app on your mobile devices. You can schedule different temperatures at different times, which has really helped with those key times the sun heats up our room, so we can be nice and comfortable, especially when we are ready to go to bed at night. And, for those especially hot Utah summer nights, it is nice to be able to turn the fan up or turn down the temperature from bed without having to get up! I also really like the sleek white design, as you all know design is always important to me!

Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Window Air Conditioner Unit

It has been nice to be able to keep our room as cool as the rest of our house, saving money by not having to blast the air in the rest of the house too. We have been enjoying spending time in there hanging out, resting, and reading together feeling comfortable instead of too hot!

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3 thoughts on “Staying Cool Solutions with Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect

  1. Jase Davidson

    Hi, thanks for recommending the Frigidaire air conditioner and writing the review. It really surprises me how few of the major air conditioning companies have actually built the ability to control their units through mobile phones and tablets. A lot of them seem to be stuck in the dark ages. This one looks great. I particularly like the feature that lets you set different temperatures for different times of the day!

    I don’t normally read these kind of lifestyle blogs (my loves them!) but I really like your style and the design of the site is clean and crisp, it’s a credit to you 🙂


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