Things to do with 48 Hours in Sedona Arizona with Kids

November 8, 2016

Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

Our Fall Break brought us down to Arizona this year, and it was nice to feel some of the warmth during the cooler Fall months at home in Utah.

Sedona Arizona Red Rock Desert LandscapeWe decided that we wanted to spend a few days in Sedona, Arizona since we have never been.  It ended up being a great time of year to go, it wasn’t too crowded and the weather was very  nice.  Warm in the days, but not too hot, and cooler at night.

We arrived via Oak Creek Canyon scenic drive, and were pleasantly surprised by the landscape.  Rather than just seeing red rocks, we saw some beautiful fall foliage as we were driving down the canyon.  Once we got into Sedona, we were able to see the beautiful landscape with the red rocks.

We were only in town for a few nights, but were still able to do a few fun things.  With a little less than 48 hours in Sedona, we were able to take in the beauty of Sedona, but also relax a little and enjoy our vacation as a family.  Sedona Arizona Red Rock Desert Landscape

With it being colder in our home state of Utah, once we got to Sedona, we knew the kids would be excited to spend some time outside, especially at the pool.  We knew that we wanted to book a family friendly hotel that also had some nice amenities for us to hang back, and enjoy some time enjoying the sunshine and the gorgeous views of the red rocks of Sedona.  View of Sedona from Orchards Inn

Swimming Pool at the Orchards Inn Sedona Arizona Hotel

We loved Orchards Inn in Sedona, conveniently located right along the Highway in the Sedona with a huge variety of shops and restaurants.  We didn’t even need to take the car, it was just a few short steps to a lot of great options food and shopping wise.


Family Friendly Hotels in Sedona Arizona

Family Friendly Hotels in Sedona ArizonaSwimming Pool at the Orchards Inn Sedona Arizona HotelThe boys loved playing football out on the terraced lawns, and Norah got her cartwheels in on the lawn, and my husband and I were able to take a minute to relax and watch!  The kids really enjoyed the time at the pool, and I enjoyed the breathtaking views. Fireplace at the Orchards Inn Sedona HotelView at the Orchards Inn Sedona Hotel

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The rooms at the Orchards Inn were very nice with a nod to Southwestern architecture, and the balcony had some gorgeous views.  We loved spending time out there soaking it all in!  The hotel offered a basic breakfast buffet which the kids think is an absolute must whenever we travel.  It is always nice to not have to worry about breakfast for family, especially since my kids get hungry so early.  It’s so convenient to not have to wait a long time at a restaurant to get breakfast.Breakfast at the Orchards Inn Hotel SedonaWe knew we wanted to hike while in the area, so we talked with a few people at some information desks, and got a few good suggestions.  We looked into a few things, and since we weren’t in town for too long, we had to pick and chose what we had time for.  Be sure to read below for our top things to do in Sedona with only 48 hours!Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

Things to do with 48 Hours in Sedona Arizona with Kids:

Devil's Bridge Sedona Arizona

  • Devil’s Bridge Hike:  We thought the Devil’s Bridge Hike would be a fun one.  Our kids love to hike, and it was a little over a 2 mile hike.  It only got steeper at the end, and had some amazing views!  This arch is one that you are allowed to walk on which was amazing!

Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

Devil's Bridge Sedona Arizona

Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona Albion Fit Jet Setter Pants and Go-to Crop Sweater

Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

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Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

  • Dining on Highway 89 Uptown:  We really enjoyed walking over to the shops and restaurants right on Highway 89 next to the Orchards Inn.  We loved dining at 89Agave Restaurant Uptown.  89Agave is a Mexican Cantina with a casual atmosphere that is really family friendly.  My kids enjoyed all of the food, and so did my husband and I.  I loved the unique appetizers, the Mexican style street corn, and the guacamole three different ways were favorites!  The tamales and shrimp and kale salad were amazing, as were the tacos and churros for desert!  I can never pass up a good churro!

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Sedona Arizona from 89Agave

Appetizers from 89Agave Sedona Arizona

Shrimp Salad with Kale from 89Agave Sedona ArizonaChurros from 89Agave Sedona Arizona

  • Off Road Jeep Tours:  Jeep tours are a great way to see a lot of Sedona.  There were several Jeep tours offered in town.  I heard good things about the Pink Jeep tours, they had permits to go in more places than other Jeep tours were allowed.  There are several options on where to go, just make sure your kids are at least 18 months old since it’s a bumpy ride!

Sedona Arizona Jeep Tours

  • Senor Bob’s Hot Dog Stand: (2015 W State Route 89aSedona, AZ)  We randomly came across Señor Bob’s Hot Dog stand while searching the web for places to eat.  They only open until 6pm, but if you can catch them it is worth a visit.  And, can I say two words?  Homemade Buns!  Seriously, they were amazing, and made all the difference!  Personally I liked the hamburgers the best, and they had a pretty impressive toppings bar and sauces.  The portions were big, the kids could have easily shared a hotdog or hamburger.  They come with fries and a drink in a combo.  It was the perfect place to grab a quick inexpensive bite to eat!
  • Hotel Pool Time: We wanted to make sure to left a lot of time for the kids to hang out at the pool.  After our long hike, they were very excited to get in some pool time.  The pool at Orchards Inn was the perfect escape from our cooler temps at home, and had the most amazing views.  The kids absolutely loved getting to swim and play, and relax!

Swimming Pool at the Orchards Inn Sedona Arizona Hotel

Swimming Pool at the Orchards Inn Sedona Arizona Hotel

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross: The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a Roman Catholic chapel built into the buttes of Sedona, Arizona.  It doesn’t take long to get there off the main highway, and it is worth a drive over to check it out.  You can also go inside, and they have a gift shop, and a lovely view from the top.  It is quite the site to see a church among the red rocks of Sedona.

Sedona Arizona Chapel of the Holy Cross

We found Sedona to be the perfect 48 hour adventure for our family, and fun for all the ages.  Lots of places to explore!   A great town to take it easy,  enjoy the scenery, food, shopping, and even some time relaxing by the pool!  Devil's Bridge Hike Sedona Arizona

We loved this red rock as a backdrop to some really special family memories we made in our short time there.  We will definitely be back to explore some more!

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(all photos by me)

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