6 Reasons to Book a Family Staycation // Heber Valley, Utah

February 23, 2017

Family Staycations with the Kids

My family just got back from a mini staycation in Heber Valley, Utah.  We had such good time!  We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, and what better way to show our love for each other, then to spend some quality time together!  We are lucky, because living in Utah, we are a stones throw from some of the most beautiful and amazing places!  It is just a short drive to an adventure in Heber Valley, and while we only went overnight, it was the perfect way to celebrate together!  One of my love languages is quality time, so mini-vacations are a perfect way for me to get that quality time I need with the ones I love!

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Sometimes I think we get caught up in having to plan a long elaborate vacation, but sometimes a quick getaway is just what a family needs.  So, I wanted to share a bit of our staycation with you, as well as 6 Reasons You’ll want to Book a Family Staycation!

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  • Making memories that will last a lifetime:  Family Vacations tend to stick in our minds more than any other memory.  Why is that?  I think it is because it is known as a special time that we intentionally set aside to be together, and make lasting memories.  Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are the times we spend together on family vacation.  My kids love to talk about all of our fun memories that we have had while on vacation, and I just hope they can hold onto those memories forever!
  • Less distractions, more quality time:  Heading out of the house for a little staycation always helps with leaving distractions behind.  It is much easier to be in the moment, when you remove yourself from everyday life and distractions, even if your destination is just around the corner.  By heading out of the norm for a mini-vacation, it always helps to put aside the day to day, and allows us to spend that time focusing on each other.  Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time packing, preparing, or stressing since it is just for a quick get-away.

Kids Snowshoeing at Wasatch State Park Midway

  • Spend time outdoors together: Spending quality time outside always brings out the best in all of us!  There is something about getting out into nature, and the great outdoors, and breathing in that fresh air.  It really helps the family get a jump start, and clear everyone’s heads and bring about good happy attitudes.  And funny enough, it helps my husband and I to feel carefree, and act like kids again!
    Snowshoeing with the KidsKeen Winter BootsSnowshoeing with the Kids While visiting Heber Valley we took a little snowshoeing hike in the morning in the Wasatch Mountain State Park.  It was so nice to get up and moving, and be outdoors, especially in the winter months when we are stuck inside so much!  It was the kids first time snowshoeing, and they thought it was so fun.  It’s always nice to try something new!
  • Builds unity and teamwork:  Spending quality time as a family creates such a special bond.  When you remove yourself from everyday normal life, it is so fun to see how everyones attitude changes.  My kids magically get a long better, and tend to be in a much better mood!
    Soldier Hollow Tubing Winter Activities in Heber ValleySoldier Hollow Tubing Winter Activities in Heber ValleySoldier Hollow Tubing Winter Activities in Heber Valley We were able to head up to Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah for some family tubing time.  It was so fun to see everyone so excited and happy to be outside.  The kids got along great, and loved going down as a group!  I even saw them helping each other out, giving each other a little push, and cheering each other on!
  • Encourages exploration, and trying new things:  Spending a little time on a staycation has really helped my family, and especially my kids to try new things, sometimes face their fears, and learn to explore!
    Kids Swimming in the Homestead CraterKids Swimming in the Homestead Crater We went swimming at the Homestead Creator during our stay in Heber Valley.  It is this ginormous crater that is filled with hot spring water.  Just by looking at it Thomas my five year old was a little intimidated.  He was a bit worried that it went down hundreds of feet deep.  But, he said that he was going to face his fears, and guess what?  He did it!  He swam in the crater, and had a wonderful time!
    Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Tour We also were able to visit a local favorite, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese.  They gave the family a tour of their family owned facility, and we learned how their cheese was made.  My kids tried all sorts of new cheeses that they haven’t tried before, and even my Thomas who claimed he didn’t like cheese tried their amazing Finnish Bread cheese called Juustoleipa, and he was in love!  Their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and soups were the perfect lunch after a long morning of snowshoeing.  And, their cheese factory tours are great for sampling new cheeses, and are open to the public!
  • Great Deals: Staycations and last minute getaways are very economical!  With sticking close to home, it allows you to be able to find some great last minute rates, packages, and deals especially if you are willing to go in the off-seasons!  In comparison to other destinations, stay-cations can be much more cost effective, and you don’t have to take as much time off of work because the travel time is minimal.  This enables you to try new hotels, restaurants and activities that you may have not been able to try before.  We loved trying out the breakfast at Fanny’s Grill at the Homestead Resort.  Such yummy food!
    Fanny's Grill Midway BreakfastFamily Vacation at the Homestead Resort in Heber Valley Utah

We just loved our time together!  Spending time with my family always brings us closer together and helps us make lasting memories!  Getting away even for a quick overnight staycation is just what our family needed!

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