Laundry Goals: 8 Tips and Tricks to keep you on Top of that Laundry Pile

February 18, 2017

Laundry Tips with Armelle Blog and Persil Pro Clean at Target

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Anyone else feel like they need a laundry intervention?  Yep.  Me too!  As a busy mom of three, it  always seems like it is a struggle to keep up on the laundry!  Just when I have things figured out, we get really busy, or go out of town, and the laundry just piles up!  This is where I’d insert the monkey covering his face emoji!  The struggle is real!  Or in my case, the laundry pile!

Kids Throwing Laundry

I’m partnering with Persil ProClean today to share with you a few of my laundry goals, and tips to help keep up on laundry.  And, did you know you can find Persil ProClean at Target now? I’m loving their Sensitive Skin Power Liquid formula.  My skin can be a little sensitive, so I typically try to buy the dye-free sensitive formulas for my kids as well.  I’ve tried several dye-free, perfume-free sensitive skin detergent options, but they didn’t seem to get my clothes as clean, and my whites bright, but Persil ProClean has really done a great job on getting my clothes really clean, and stay bright (especially my workout clothes, ya know what I mean?).

Laundry Room Home Decor Ideas Target

I have a few laundry goals, and tips I wanted to share with you if you are feeling that laundry dread like I was.  I’m hoping to keep implementing these into our home to help laundry time not be the worst time of the week anymore.

Be sure to read more to see all my laundry goals and tips!

Tips to Helps Stay on Top of Laundry Piles

So here we go-  Laundry Goals: 8 Tips and Tricks to keep you on Top of that Laundry Pile

  • Give your laundry room a makeover:  Giving my laundry room a little re-vamp has made the biggest difference for me in how I look at laundry!  While I was out doing my weekly Target run, picking up some Persil ProClean, I found some of the cutest home decor items to help spruce up my laundry room, to help add a bit of color!  We are still in the process of getting our laundry room put together, we will eventually add some tile and wallpaper to the walls, and I really would like to add a some custom cabinetry and a sink area that we already have it plumbed for.  But, until then it’s been a bit of an eye sore.  I can’t tell tell you how adding just a few items with a pop of color has made me want to be in there more, and most important keep it clean.  I find that I now get the laundry done, folded, and put away faster!  It has really motivated me to get things in shape in there and keep it looking good.

Best Laundry Tips

  • Enlist help:  Now, I know not everyone has kids that can help out with things like the laundry.  But, there is always a spouse or friend right?  Until the last little bit my husband and I have been doing all the laundry in the household.  It wasn’t until recently that I was like, hello?  My kids are totally old enough to help.  So, I have enlisted child labor, I mean helpers, to help fold the laundry, and put it away.  Now, sometimes they don’t always put it in the right places, which leaves me having to rearrange things constantly, but I decided that I’d rather have it in drawers and closets verses on the floor like it normally is.

How to Keep up on the Laundry

  • When a load is ready, do a load:  I know this sounds pretty obvious, but if you are like me, I used to let the laundry pile up and up and up.  Sometimes I still do when I’m busy, or we go out of town, but I’ve found that when I see enough for a load of laundry, and just throw it in. It’s much more manageable when it comes time to put away.  Putting away one load vs. three or four. Well, that’s quite a big difference, and much less overwhelming.
  • Put it away as you take it out:  I have found that if I stand next to the dryer and take one item out at a time and fold or get it on a hanger ready to put away, it is much easier for me to actually complete the task.  When I put it all in a basket or pile it somewhere (the floor) then I am much less likely to get it put away as quickly.  Then the piles just seem to multiply overnight.

Kids Chore Charts

  • You don’t need to wash every time you wear:  Ok, with gym and workout clothes, yes, yes you do.  But, you don’t have to wash everything each time you wear.  I think that as my kids get a little older and are a little less messy, I have found that they can wear some things more than once as long as there aren’t any obvious soils or stains.  I have been killing myself washing every single thing they wear after only one wear, but just recently realized that they could get away with wearing some things more than once.  Jeans/Pants for example, I found I don’t have to wash them with each wear. Even pajamas for my kids.  They could stand to wear them more than one night, I mean, all they do is sleep in them?  How messy can that be?  Well, maybe not for babies and toddlers still in diapers or something.  But, typically they can certain items more than once.

Tips for getting Stains out of Clothes

  • Treat Stains as I see them:  Sometimes I tend to get lazy with treating stains, or checking pockets (big crayon mistake!) but, If I see a stain, all I do is get it wet with the temperature of water it shows on the label to get off any remnants of the stain item, then I’ll put on some Persil ProClean Liquid detergent, rub it in, then let it sit for 5-10 minutes (depending on the stain), then I run it through the regular wash cycle for that article of clothing.  Letting the stains sit longer always makes it harder, so getting to them quicker gives much better results, and also saves me time in the long run from having to re-wash!  Persil ProClean also has a great list of how to treat specific stains here if you need a few extra stain removing tips!
  • Don’t use too much detergent:  Turns out that some of us skip reading the correct amount of detergent to use for our laundry loads, and that can be a really bad idea.  Using too much detergent can: cost more, decrease the life of your clothing, and washing machine.  So many detergents like Persil ProClean really don’t require a lot to get your clothes clean, so be sure to read the label for correct usage.  It will keep your clothes and washing machine lasting longer!

Laundry Room Decor

  • Have cute laundry baskets on hand:  I have found that I am much better at getting the laundry clean versus putting it away.  The best thing we did in our home is install a laundry closet near our kids bathroom, so they have their own washer and dryer upstairs, and my husband and I use the laundry room downstairs.  This has been so amazing not to have to drag laundry up and down the stairs.  But, if you do have to bring it from point A to point B, and don’t have time to fold right away, it is so nice to have laundry baskets on hand.  I found when I get some cute ones that go with the decor of my house or room, it doesn’t look like as big of an eye sore to see it sitting out with unfolded clothes in it.  I found a few cute ones on my Target run, and they are really helping to keep things contained and looking a little more manageable.

Laundry Tips and Stain Fighting Tricks

So, there you have it!  A few laundry goals and tips, that I am really hoping to implement and continue to do in my laundry routine. I know I can use all the help I can get!  What are some of your favorite laundry tips you swear by?  Do share!

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