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April 4, 2017

Easter Outfits for Kids from Janie and Jack

One of my favorite Holiday traditions at our house is to get my kids some new outfits to wear to church on Easter Sunday.  It is the cutest to see them dressed up so nice, I just love it!  I love to coordinate my kids if I can, and I was able to find the cutest pieces for my kids Easter outfits at Janie and Jack!  Their special occasion outfits just can’t be beat!  They are the best quality, and their Easter dresses for girls, and Easter suits for boys are just so timeless and classic!


Janie and Jack Girls Easter Dress

Norah’s Janie and Jack outfit details:
Bow Coral Dress | Gold Metallic Sandals | Patent Bow Headband | Bow Cloche Hat | Bow Glove |Embroidered Cardigan | Quilted Purse

Norah’s coral bow dress is my favorite!  The color is beautiful on her, and I love that you can pair it with a sweater or wear it by itself, or dress it up with some gloves and a hat!  I’ll admit I always wanted a fancy dress with gloves and a hat to wear on Easter as a little girl.  So, I can’t help but play dress up with Norah a bit on my childhood dream.  It’s just so cute!

Girls Easter Hats from Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack Girls Easter Dress

Janie and Jack Girls Easter Dress

Easter Dresses for GirlsAnd, can we just talk about how grown up Norah is looking lately? I can hardly believe it!  She is 7 going on 17, and is so much fun!  We love having our girl time together!  And, she just eats up all the girly stuff!

Janie and Jack Linen Suit for Boys

Thomas’ Janie and Jack Outfit Details:
Linen Blend Blazer | Linen Blend Suit Vest | Linen Blend Suit Trouser |Striped Belt |Striped Sock |Navy Leather Boat Shoe |Mint Oxford Shirt | Plaid Madras Tie

This is Thomas’ first suit!  Can you even believe how handsome he looks?  We went with the Linen Suit with a vest.  He looks so cute, and I loved the spring colors incorporated with his tie and shirt!  All dapper and ready for Easter!

Janie and Jack Linen Suit for Boys

Easter Outfit for Boys

Easter Outfits for Boys

Ezra’s Navy linen suit is a classic, and will be great to wear all year long!  I loved pairing it with a plaid spring shirt that brought together all the colors from his brother and sister’s outfits!  I also loved it just paired with the pants and the vest as an option!  He’s such a handsome guy, and is growing up too quick for my taste!  He’s about to hit the double digits!

Easter Outfits for Boys

Ezra’s Janie and Jack Outfit Details:
Linen Blend Blazer | Nautical Tie | Milk Chocolate Loafer | Linen Blend Suit Trouser |Linen Blend Suit Vest |Aqua Plain Madras Shirt | Striped Belt |Striped Sock

Special Occasion Children's OutfitsJanie and Jack Girls Easter Special Occasion Dress

Easter Outfits for Kids

Spring is such a fun time of the year!  So many exciting things in the works, and new beginnings!  I just love the excitement of it all!

Be sure to check out the amazing selection of special occasion Easter outfits over on Janie and Jack!  Don’t, forget! Easter is less that two weeks away!

(all photos by me)

In partnership with Janie and Jack, all options are my own.

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