Boys Bedroom Decorating Tips

July 7, 2017

I am so excited to show you the big reveal of the boys updated room! It has been a long time coming, the boys even shared a bed for a bit while we finished up some different finish work projects, and had their room re-painted. It all turned out so great, and the boys couldn’t be more excited to have bunk beds!  You can see a bit of their old room here.

It took us a while to search out and find the perfect grey bunk beds, and we found such a cute set from Hayneedle that matched some of their existing furniture in the room!

My oldest Ezra was originally planned to have the top bunk. But, Thomas had other plans. As soon as it was set up, Thomas took over the top bunk, and claimed it as his own. The good news is, when he used to have a hard time going to sleep at night, and would literally sleep right on top of his big brother. He was even a little afraid of monsters, but he now just climbs on up and goes to sleep with no problem! It has been so nice!

When I put together a room, the first thing I like to do is start pinning away all sorts of rooms that I am fond of over on Pinterest. I like to see a common theme of the aspects of the room that I am drawn to. Next, I create a board and start pinning particular pieces that I want to use in the room. The main pieces being the large furniture, then accessories. I liked the idea of a nice grey pallet so we had the walls painted First Star by Sherwin-Williams, then I added in some grey furniture pieces. I like how the room maintained a bright and airy feel, even with the grey furniture pieces.

I love to create a mood board so that I can see what each of the pieces of furniture, and all the accessories will look like together!
It really helps me to narrow down my choices, especially while shopping online, and it also helps me to see the overall look and feel.

For their room, I wanted a nice base of grey, but wanted to add pops of color to help brighten it up a bit! As you know, I am a color person, so I brought in some pops of color with bedding, pillows, toys, books, and other accessories.

I decided to keep the rug neutral to avoid it getting too busy, and I think it was a nice touch, and added a little texture. I chose a cream wool braided rug from RugsUSA, and we have really liked it! It is always good to add a layer for some extra texture in the room.

I was initially a little hesitant to get bunkbeds, because I heard that the bedding can be really rough to change out. I was able to find some cute black and white Dash Bedding from Beddy’s Beds that can zip right off! The top blanket can be zipped off to wash, and the best part is my boys can just zip their beds up all on their own to make their beds each morning! Beddy’s zip up bedding makes it so much easier for them to be able to make their bunk beds, and they think it’s pretty fun too!

When thinking of how my boys use their room, I knew that I wanted a reading nook area with a book shelf. My little Ezra especially has become quite the little reader these days. He recently just plowed through all the Harry Potter Books. He even finished one in just a couple of days. It makes my heart happy to see them engulfed in a book!

I found an adorable book shelf and storage combo from Hayneedle (links below) that was perfect to house my boys books, as well as some toys, and balls! They are constantly playing basketball on their mini hoop, and I was tired of always having to pick up their balls hanging around the room, so it works out perfect to have a place for them! I loved styling the shelves and adding a few special little knick knacks that they love, and showing some of their interests!

We decided to use their existing dresser and nightstand in the room since it matched so well with the new pieces. Eventually we will probably switch them out, but for now they will be fine! I found some vintage mid-century modern pieces, and was able to paint them a nice grey. I believe it is called Mark Twain House ombra gray by Valspar at Lowes. I always love to have night stands with a draw for the boys to keep a few of their treasures in, and the tall dresser comes in handy to store their pajamas and other clothing! Ezra loves the new lamp I found at Target on his night stand. All he has to do is touch it, and it can turn on and off. Perfect for my little late night reader!

The boys are just loving their new room, and so am I! I don’t know about you, but whenever I feel like a room is done, it always manages to stay cleaner, and everything has a place! I just have one more little detail to do, and that is to find a new ceiling light. It is always a challenge to find one that is bright enough, that also looks good! Wish me luck!

I am so happy to have one more room down in the house as far as decorating goes. I swear it takes forever doesn’t it? We have a lot to go on the house, but I am so happy with how things turned out, and I know the boys are thrilled to not have to share a bed anymore!

Now, off to the next home decor project! It’s never ending is it?

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Bedroom Sources
(Disclosure: affiliate links are used)

Bunkbeds: Chelsea Lane Twin Slat Over BunkBeds in Frost Grey | Joss & Main | Wayfair | WalmartHayneedle
Orange Quilt: Jackson Quilt by VCNY Twin in Mandarin Color | KohlsHayneedle
Wire Baskets: Hayneedle
Shelf and Toy Storage: Classic Playtime Hopscotch Stackable Toy Storage in Gray | WalmartHayneedle
Modern White Rocking Chair: Walmart
Geometric Pillows: Surya Harvey Decorative Pillow | WalmartHayneedle
Black and White Dash Bedding: Dash Bedding from Beddy’s Beds
Tiger and Fox Pillows: Beddy’s Beds
Grey Pillow Shams: Target
White Mudcloth Pillow: Mae Woven
Navy Blue Mudcloth Pillow: Loomgoods
Dresser: Vintage (painted Mark Twain Grey)
Night Stand: Vintage (painted Mark Twain Grey)
Wool Braided Rug: RugsUSA
Lamp: Target
Globe: Vintage
Classic Collection Books: Barnes and Noble & Costco
Rubik Cube
Subway Art Print: My Sweet Prints Etsy Shop
Lion and Boy Art: Sarah Jane Studios
Elephant Wall Art
Vintage Car
Globe Coin Bank
Picture Frames: Ikea
Stuffed Animals: Bla Bla Dolls
Plants: Marshalls
Striped Blanket: Sewn by me
Harry Potter Illustrated Books
Train Set: Brio Toys
Thomas & Ezra’s Outfits: Janie and Jack
Mini Basketball Hoop
Mini Orange Alarm Clock
Wall Paint Color: First Star By Sherwin-Williams

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