Summer Weekend Guide: Solitude Mountain Resort

August 2, 2017

Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah

One of my favorite things to do as a family in the summer is to escape to the mountains!  Since we are lucky enough to live in Utah, it makes it very easy to spent a quick weekend in our beautiful mountains!

As much as we love winter sports and to spend our time skiing in the mountains, the summer months bring some amazing opportunities to enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Every year, we make sure to head up to the mountains when the wildflowers are out in abundance!  It is the most breathtaking sight to see the entire mountain side covered in beautiful colors!

Kid Friendly Hikes in UtahHotels at Solitude Mountain Resort

Wildflower Festival at Solitude ResortKid Friendly Hikes in Utah

This year we decided to make the most out of the Wild Flower Season and head up for the weekend to participate in the Cottonwood Canyon Foundations Wild Flower Festival at Solitude Mountain Resort!  It is a great time to get up there!

If you plan to head off on a Mountain Retreat soon, I would highly recommend a getaway to Solitude Mountain Resort!  Here are a few suggestions for your weekend in the Mountains!

Solitude Mountain Resort Family Friendly Condos Solitude Mountain Resort Family Friendly Condos

Arrive/ Stay:  We checked into the Solitude Mountain Lodge, and were happy to have reserved a two bedroom condo with a living room and a full kitchen.  Traveling with a family of 5, it is always good to have some space to feel more comfortable, and at home.  The kids enjoyed their bunkbed room, and my husband and I enjoyed our King Sized bed!  Having access to a washer and dryer is always a must when traveling with a family.  You never know if you’ll get caught in a rain storm and need to dry your clothes in a moments notice (we totally did).  We also try to always have a reservation with a kitchen to make a few simple snacks or even breakfasts!

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation Wildflower Festival

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation Wildflower Festival

Entertainment:  We were lucky enough to be up at Solitude during the Cottonwood Canyons Foundations Wildflower Festival!   We enjoyed live music, face painting, and guided walks to see and learn about the Wildflowers!  Solitude’s Event Calendar is always full of fun events each week!  From Tie Dye Booths, to Yoga, to taste of the Wasatch, there is always something fun going on!

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation Wildflower Festival at Solitude Mountain ResortKid Friendly Hikes in UtahLake Solitude Utah Family Friendly Hikes in UtahWildflower Festival at Solitude Resort

Family Friendly Hikes in Utah

Hiking:  On the weekends the chair lifts at Solitude are operating!  So, if you want a little head start on the mountain, I would suggest taking the lift up!  We took the lift up and hiked up to Lake Solitude.  It was a beautiful hike, and you can make it to the Lake in no time from the lift.  You also have the option to take the lift down if you are traveling with little ones, or the elderly.  We decided to take our time and hike down the mountain.  We loved coming across beautiful Meadows of Wildflowers!  The Wildflowers are just breathtaking, and it is hard to believe they just grow like that!   We also enjoy watching the frolf (frisbee golf players), and seeing the mountain bikers pass us by.  Right at the end of the hike we turned back to see a giant wall of rain headed our way.  I have to say, it was quite the riot getting caught in the rain.  It ended up being super fun to run down in the rain, just after my camera was safely tucked away that is.

Club Solitude Pool at Solitude Mountain Lodges Club Solitude Pool at Solitude Mountain Lodges

Play:  With all the gorgeous hiking there is also amazing amenities in Solitude Village to stay and play! Club Solitude was a favorite among our children with a beautiful pool complete with a waterslide, hot tubs, indoor movie area, and game rooms!  My kids couldn’t get enough of the waterslide and pool!  And, I’ll admit, I had a few go’s on the waterslide, and there’s nothing that makes you feel like a kid again like going headfirst down a waterslide!  So much fun!

Charcuterie Board at Honeycomb Grill Solitude Resort Appetizers at Honeycomb Grill Solitude Resort Trout and Elk Steak and Honeycomb Grill Fresh Trout at Solitude Resort Restaurants Bison Burger at Honeycomb Grill Solitude Resort Desserts at Honeycomb Grill Solitude

Eat:  There are some really great restaurants up at Solitude Mountain Resort!  We ate breakfast at Stone Haus, and dinner at Honeycomb Grill with a lovely view of the Mountains!  You would have thought we were in Switzerland with those views!  I loved their unique menu, and we tried all sorts of items!  My little Thomas is obsessed with animals and all things meat, so when he saw Elk steak on the menu he as all over it!  I tried a few bites of his meal, and it was amazing!  It tasted like steak, but such a great flavor!  Ezra tried the Bison burger, which was also amazing, and I had the trout!  The appetizers were also a favorite, since I cannot ever pass up a good charcuterie board.  It had the most amazing honeycomb, (a nod to their name) and spread of cheeses and meats!  My husband loved the fresh Poké bowl with raw tuna and avocado.  Such great flavors!  We finished our meal off with some beautiful desserts, I think my favorite was the strawberry raspberry galette!

Family Friendly Hikes in Utah

A little weekend away always does our family good!   And, a weekend away in the beauty of the mountains, well that never fails to recharge our souls!

For more information on Solitude Mountain Resort, be sure to click here!

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Disclosure: As typical with Travel Blogging, my family was hosted, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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