Summer on the Mountain // Mountain Adventures at Solitude Resort

August 6, 2018

For us, summertime and Mountains go hand in hand!  We feel so blessed and lucky to live in Utah where we have some of the most gorgeous Mountains in our own backyard!  Solitude Mountain Resort is one of our favorites to hit in the Summer because there is something for the whole family!

The second we hit the canyon, the weigh of the world seems to fall off our shoulders, and we breathe in that mountain air and our worries seem to disappear!  There is something about those magical mountains!

When the Valley gets in the upper 90’s and even 100 degrees, we like to escape to the Mountains for a little relief from the heat and every day life.  We headed up to a family favorite spot up at Solitude!  We love to head up there summer or winter time, and especially during the Wildflower Festival!  Such a beautiful time to take in the gorgeous backdrop of the picturesque Utah mountains blanketed in beautiful wildflowers.  It’s such a great time of year to be out on the Mountain!

Read on for a little Family friendly guide to Summer on the Mountain at Solitude!  A little something for everyone!

Mountain Side Yoga:  Did you know that on Saturday’s in the summer Solitude Resort has free Mountain Side Yoga?  I’ll tell you what, it is going to be hard to go back to yoga at my gym, because mountainside yoga was the ultimate experience.  The birds were chirping, I could hear the sounds of the nearby stream, and the smell of the fresh mountain air.  It was an amazing experience that I will definitely come back for!

Club Solitude:  As far as my kids are concerned, whenever we stay up at the Solitude Lodge, Club Solitude is their basecamp.  They could spend all day every day there.  From the pool with a waterslide, to the game rooms, they couldn’t get enough!  We even had to drag them out of the water to force feed them pizza they were having so much fun!  What a life!

Mountainside Dining:  So much good food up at Solitude!  We love eating at the Honeycomb grill!  Everything we have ordered there has been A+!  Ezra can’t get enough of the Bison Burger, and Thomas always goes for the steak!  I try to keep all the dessert for myself, but of course have to end of sharing.  But, if it were up to me, I’d keep them all!  So good!  We tried their brunch this trip for the first time, and it was amazing!  Can’t get enough of that avocado toast!  I don’t care how trendy it is, it is a solid win always!  And, the added arugula brought it over the top!

The Stone Haus Pizzeria and Creamery is perfect for a casual meal, or like I said perfect for luring kids out of a pool who have been going non stop for six hours straight!

Hiking Adventures:  The hiking at Solitude is so great for families!  You can take it easy and ride the lift up and down.  Or, if you want a little more challenge you can hike up, or you can take the life up and hike down.  We took the lift up and hiked down through the wildflowers and it was the perfect hike for the kids!

Activities/ Live Music: There are so many family friendly activities in Solitude during the Summer months!  We loved being there during the Wildflower Festival again!  There are guided hikes through the wildflowers, and even some free kids art projects!  Solitude also has a great disc golf course on the mountain that looks really fun!  This year we even did some tie dye souvenir shirts to remember our stay!  And, last but not least!  On Sunday’s they have a live Band play from 4-6 for the crowd, with Stone Haus Creamery selling $2 cones!  It is good times for all!

If you haven’t had a chance to adventure into the mountains this Summer, don’t wait another day!  The mountains are calling!


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