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DIY: Zombie Costume

October 30, 2015

I’m back sharing more of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes from the past!  This little zombie was circa 2013, when my little Norah decided that she wanted to be a zombie!  I have no idea where she even heard of this, but I obliged.
It probably was the easiest DIY costume I have ever done!  This is a perfect last minute Halloween costume, because, chances are you have it all already in your closet! We had everything, so it worked out well that we didn’t have to buy one thing for her costume!
DIY Zombie Costume: (affiliate links used)
  • Some tattered clothing.  We had a white shirt that we used before for a pirate costume that we cut up, so we pulled it out of the Halloween box and put it to use!  Just take an old shirt and rough it up a bit with your scissors.
  • Since she wanted to be a cute girly zombie, we added a skirt from her closet with black and white striped leggings, we added a shirt under her cut up one, and put a belt on to finish it off.
  • She wore her black and white checkered vans to keep with the black and white theme.
  • We did her hair a little crazy and ratted it out and sprayed it with hairspray.
  • The face make up, I used white costume makeup, then added some black costume make up to areas around the nose, moth, check, and eyes for a sunken look.
And, there you have it!  An adorable little zombie.  I remember she played the zombie part well that night, down right freaking me out a bit every so often, ha!
{all photos by me}

DIY // Vampire Costume

October 28, 2015

So as I am continuing to share some of our DIY Halloween Costumes from the past, here is my little Count Dracula, or Vampire DIY Costume my little Ezra wore two years ago, 2013!
The scary make up is just classic.  I wouldn’t let him go too crazy on the blood drips, but we did add a little, and the cheap plastic vampire teeth completed the look!
Here’s a few tips to put together a DIY Vampire Costume: (affiliate links used)
And, there you have it!  A quick and easy DIY Vampire costume!  I’d suggest always checking out your local thrift store for key pieces, it’s always cheaper and the costume can come together quickly if you just find the key components like pants, vest, and cape!
Happy DIY’ing!
{all photos by me!}

DIY // Jedi Halloween Costume Tutorial

October 27, 2015

Star Wars Halloween Costume
I realized that over the years we have been able to pull off some pretty fun Halloween costumes for the kids, but as things get so busy around holidays with kids I haven’t had a chance to share a lot of them.
So, here it is, circa 2012 our little Jedi’s.  I can’t get over how little and cute my little Thomas was.  He was only 18 months old at the time.  What a cute little Jedi!
How to make a Jedi Costume
Jedi Costume Luke Skywalker
How to make a kids Jedi Costume
How to make a Jedi Costume
DIY Jedi Costumes- You will need: (affiliate links used)
  • Brown Pants (thrifted)
  • Brown Shirt 
  • Brown Leather Belt with buckle (thrifted)
  • Brown Boots (we borrowed our nieces brown Uggs, and had the other pair)
  • Light Sabers (we had, Tommy’s we picked up from the Dollar store)
  • Brown Robe (DIY) – see below
  • White Tunics (DIY) – see below
Jedi DIY Halloween Costume
For the Brown Jedi Robe, I was able to make them fairly easy using these Jedi Robe and Tunic instructions I found.  I laid a large piece of brown fabric on the ground, then folded over double on it’s self.  I had my kids lay down to see how long it would need to be.  I think I went pretty big on the hood so it would fit over their heads, and be large and wide when it laid on their backs.
The white tunics were pretty easy to replicate (instructions also in this tutorial) with some cream linen type fabric that we just criss crossed and safety pinned in the back and top, then placed the belt over the top to hold it in place.
The sewing part wasn’t too bad!  Just have to be able to sew in straight line for the most part!
Luke Skywalker Costume
And, voila!  A DIY homemade Jedi Halloween Costume!  My favorite costumes are the DIY/ Homemade ones!  It’s fun to get creative with a lot of items you already have!
And, weren’t my little Jedi’s so adorable?!  They loved being Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, or Anakin.  I can’t totally remember!  Ha!

So, what are your plans for your kids this Halloween?  I think this year we will have two skeletons, and Princess Anna.

Be sure to check back all week, I’ll be sharing some great blast from the past Halloween costumes my kids have worn over the years.  So, if you are in need of a last minute DIY costume, I’ve got your back!

{all photos by me}