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How To // Hang Christmas Wreaths on Outdoor Windows

November 10, 2015

Christmas Wreath Holiday Window
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I always knew that our home would look amazing with Christmas wreaths in the windows.  But, last year being my first year to hang them, I was left scratching my head wondering exactly how I was going to securely hang them.
command strips
After asking around, and googling “How to Hang Wreaths on Outdoor Windows.”  I found some ideas, but none of them seemed like simple ideas that actually worked.  When I was wondering around the Home Depot, I found these Command Brand Strips that are made especially for the outdoors, and especially for windows.  Finally, an easy solution that isn’t permanent and really worked!  If you follow my step by step, the hooks will stay on no problem!
holiday wreath pine wreath red bow
This is what you will need to hang Christmas wreaths on your windows: (affiliate links used)

Shop the supplies:

step by step instructions on how to hang wreaths on windows
Step One
Clean your windows well.  Take the Rubbing alcohol and put some on a cloth or paper towel.  Rub around the entire area where you will hang your hook.  You will want to do this when the temperatures are not freezing!  Read the package instructions throughly.
Step Two
Remove the black and white liner side that says window or wall side and apply it to the window where you would like your hook to hang.  Press the entire strip for a full 30 seconds pressing up and down on the strip. (be sure to place the hook in the same area on each window so they are uniform)
Step Three
Remove the blue liner.  Press the hook to the wall stripe and hold firmly for 30 seconds.
Step Four
Wait at least one hour before hanging anything on the hook.  This is a very important step.  The adhesive needs time to bond or it will not hold the weight of the wreaths.  I try to wait at least 24 hours to ensure the hooks are on well before hanging anything heavy on them.
Step Five
Hang the wreaths on the hooks.  You can also us some string to tie them more securely to the hook if you experience a lot of wind in your area.
Step Six
When you would like to remove the hook, stretch the strip slowly against the window at least 12 inches to release it.  Always pull straight down not towards you or it will break!
Pretty simple, and it doesn’t damage your windows.  They hold up very nicely in the wind as well.  With the kind of wreaths I had they have wire as the base and were able to hook on nicely.  They stayed put really well.  I think one may have fallen off in some really high winds, but that was it!  My hooks always stay on because I have carefully prepared my windows, and made sure to buy the hooks that are specially made for the outdoors!
The command strips are very easy to remove and made it really easy to make my home festive for the holidays.
I loved how it looked on Christmas morning in the snow! My family during our magical snow storm on Christmas morning 2014!
Colonial Christmas House
I hope this helps if you are looking to hang holiday wreaths on your windows this year!
Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?!
{all photos by me}


DIY: Zombie Costume

October 30, 2015

I’m back sharing more of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes from the past!  This little zombie was circa 2013, when my little Norah decided that she wanted to be a zombie!  I have no idea where she even heard of this, but I obliged.
It probably was the easiest DIY costume I have ever done!  This is a perfect last minute Halloween costume, because, chances are you have it all already in your closet! We had everything, so it worked out well that we didn’t have to buy one thing for her costume!
DIY Zombie Costume: (affiliate links used)
  • Some tattered clothing.  We had a white shirt that we used before for a pirate costume that we cut up, so we pulled it out of the Halloween box and put it to use!  Just take an old shirt and rough it up a bit with your scissors.
  • Since she wanted to be a cute girly zombie, we added a skirt from her closet with black and white striped leggings, we added a shirt under her cut up one, and put a belt on to finish it off.
  • She wore her black and white checkered vans to keep with the black and white theme.
  • We did her hair a little crazy and ratted it out and sprayed it with hairspray.
  • The face make up, I used white costume makeup, then added some black costume make up to areas around the nose, moth, check, and eyes for a sunken look.
And, there you have it!  An adorable little zombie.  I remember she played the zombie part well that night, down right freaking me out a bit every so often, ha!
{all photos by me}

DIY // Vampire Costume

October 28, 2015

So as I am continuing to share some of our DIY Halloween Costumes from the past, here is my little Count Dracula, or Vampire DIY Costume my little Ezra wore two years ago, 2013!
The scary make up is just classic.  I wouldn’t let him go too crazy on the blood drips, but we did add a little, and the cheap plastic vampire teeth completed the look!
Here’s a few tips to put together a DIY Vampire Costume: (affiliate links used)
And, there you have it!  A quick and easy DIY Vampire costume!  I’d suggest always checking out your local thrift store for key pieces, it’s always cheaper and the costume can come together quickly if you just find the key components like pants, vest, and cape!
Happy DIY’ing!
{all photos by me!}