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September 12, 2014

I was just going through some old photos, and I realized that I never posted a full tour of my studio here on the blog.  It makes me a little to sad to look at these pictures since we have since moved to our new home.  I sure do miss that wallpaper.  I just may have to order it for my new studio. It’s Schumaucher Birds and Butterflies.  I hung it up myself, strip by strip.  It was quite the labor of love, so it made it hard to leave it.
I loved the setup of my old studio.  It was just the right size to have two desks agains the wall.  One I used to make armelle jewelry, and the other desk for blogging!  It was perfect!
I stored all of my beads and items to make my armelle jewelry in the cabinet above that I got at Ikea.
And, remember my hutch that was my in-laws that I repainted?  It stored my large collection of bakers twine, books, a fabric stash and a few other fun vintage items.
I kept a few extra tolix stools in the studio in case anyone came over for a craft night! The painting is thrifted.
I blogged about my craft closet organization here, but here are a few shots of how I organized it with wooden dowels.
I know, I am a bit of a craft hoarder, I’ll spare you the rest of the closet, wink.
I’ve talked about my floors a little bit before on the blog.  But, they are stained concrete since this was a basement room.  There is a line of concrete paint at Home Depot that you can tint to any color you want.  You just have to make sure you clean, sweep and mop out the concrete first, then use the concrete primer, then the tinted concrete paint, then a top coat of shiny cement sealer.
The dorothy draper style small dresser I had between my desk was a classified find that I repainted to store my packing supplies.
Part of my washi tape collection.  I have an obsession with tape, and when I found these little containers at Michaels to put them in, I was sold!
I will say that I do miss walking down the hall to see that view.  Sigh.  I think I’m going to have to order that wallpaper again.  Would you recreate the same room because you liked it so much?  I am still deciding on what to do in my new studio, flooring wise etc.  I think my heart is still stuck on that birds and butterflies wallpaper.  So, stay tuned.. we will see what I end up doing.
See more of my old studio here.
Also, I am looking to partner with some home decor brands coming up with some projects and rooms I am putting together in my new home.  If you are interested in a partnership, please email me at: carolinearmelle@gmail.com
{photos by me}

6 thoughts on “Home Decor // my studio tour

  1. Chrissie Dyson

    I love the wallpaper too. It's not too overpowering. The two desk idea is a good one. At the moment my craft desk is also my office desk as well as my son's homework desk. Separate desks is a good idea.


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