best of 2012 …

January 2, 2013

It seems strange that another year has gone by here on the Armelle Blog!  Can you believe I started this blog almost six years ago?!

Here are a few of the highlights from 2012!

I ate a lot of castelvetrano olives, my favorite!

I made some doily business cards.

Made and devoured many sweet and salty treats.

Made some Pocky Stick Valentines for Ezra’s class.

Made some treasure valentines for Norah’s class. (with free download)

Letter-pressed and stamped some new business cards for Alt.

Shared a shapes quiet book page I worked on most of the year.

Tie dyed some Easter eggs.

I threw my little Thomas a fox inspired first birthday party.

Figured out how to print on bags, and made fox inspired goodie bags.

Made some Easter “carrot” sticks out of cheddar bunnies.

Made my first television appearance on the Studio 5 show!

Helped plan, and had a fabulous time at a Utah blogger meet and greet party at Soel boutique.
Helped throw a dear friend a neon themed baby shower.
Spent a lot of summer nights camping, and eating gourmet tin foil dinners.
Made neon dipped pots for teacher gifts.

Opened up about my religion, and talked about why so many bloggers are mormon.
Made a step by step tutorial on how to make a fringe chandelier.

Ate WAY too much fresh peach cream pie.

Made some watercolor invitations or Norah’s third french inspired birthday party.

Put together some fun french inspired goodie baskets for Norah’s birthday party.

Made a tutorial from party tassels.

Watched the summer Olympics and made downloads for the kids to color.

Made a DIY polka dot backpack for Norah’s pre-school.

Made a first day of school printable sign and free download.

Made some ombre caramel apples.

We made and ate, lots of festive sweet and salty treats.

Me and the kids made some spider web art using salad spinners.

I hosted a little halloween playdate for our little friends.

We played with our food, and made turkey snacks.

I made some tasty pumpkin whoopie pies for book club.

I started teaching cooking classes at Orson Gygi.

Made lots and lots of armelle jewelry, and had a good black friday sale.

Made homemade fleur de sel caramels for the holidays.

Helped the kids make some modern Christmas tree art out of paper.

And, last by not least, made our traditional buche de noel cake for Christmas.

Wow, what a year!  Re-capping the highlights ended up being way longer than I thought!  I probably should have broken it up into two posts!

Looking back on the things I have been able to share with you on this blog makes me very happy creatively, and very tired!  Ha!  It is a lot of long hours, but so fulfilling and fun to share it with you!!

Cheers to 2013 friends!

{all photos by me, Caroline Armelle Drake}

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