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January 11, 2012

i like to look back at the last year, and do a little review of some fun posts i shared on this blog.  i was surprised with a few things that i saw, because i feel like i hardly post anymore on this little old blog (having my third child last year made it hard to find free time!)

so here it is, a look back at 2011’s best posts on the armelle blog!

i made a fun valentine’s love banner!

i made a fun be mine box out of a cheerio box.

i attended alt summit 2011, and had a grand ol’ time!  (can’t wait for alt 2012 next week, eek!)

i listed some fun new acorn charm necklaces in the shop.
i made a fun felt heart “love” door hanger to get myself in the valentine’s day spirit.
my little ezra and i made some fun bubble valentine’s for his pre-school class. (there is a free download for this, here)

we made some tasty valentine s’more pops for our friends and cousins.

we packaged up some more treats for friends, and made a free made with love tag download.

i made some tasty homemade granola.

  i made plans for our dining room nook (still in the works!, but so close to being done!  it’s been a busy year)

we painted ezra’s big boy bed gray!  (see the before and after ikea malm bed, it’s something!)

we painted two ikea rast small dressers, and added knobs for our nightstands.  (instructions/DIY here)

we also put up a gallery wall of photos in our home. (can you tell i was nesting big time?  my poor husband)

i recycled an old calendar, and made a new mini calendar for my desk.

i made a fun felt bunting gift bag.

and, probably the best thing to happen to us in 2011, was the arrival of kiddo number three, little thomas ralph!  

i figured out that to make microwave popcorn, all you really need is a brown paper sack and popcorn kernels.

i discovered my favorite banana bread recipe!

i finally finished up some fun blankets for my little tommy. (ah, look how little he was?!)

i made some fun airplane “boarding pass” invitations for ezra’s fourth birthday.

i put together some fun airplane party favors, complete with candy airplanes.

and, of course the actual airplane party!  (it helped that my map obsessed self had so many maps to use for the party!)

we made all natural homemade popsicles.

i made a fun new wreath for the front door.

i made invitations for norah’s red, white, and two birthday party!

i put together some red, white, and blue party favors.

and, of course we celebrated norah’s second birthday, with a red, white and two party!

i made a blueberry peach crisp!

i put together a fun thanksgiving table for the lifestyle crafts be stuffed release.

i hosted my book club, and made a fun spread, complete with an italian soda bar.

we dressed up like pirates for halloween.

my addiction to green smoothies went on strong.

i made my favorite brussels sprout recipe.

i added some much needed new items to the shop, and had a huge black friday sale.

i organized my closets in my studio, and hung up some hooks for wrapping paper.

i was published in a cookbook for zupas!

and, we had sent out some christmas cards to help spread some holiday cheer!

all in all it was an amazing year!

i  was worried that i wouldn’t have anything to share in this round up of 2011.  having three kids has really spread my time thin, and blogging has definitely been but on the back burner.  but, looking back, i am glad i was able to share a few things with you last year!

i hope i will always have something fun to share with you on this blog of mine!  i love to have a creative outlet, and mostly i love all the relationships i have made with all of you!

thanks for reading!!  here’s to another great year!

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